Housing Associations

Housing Associations

As an independent Chartered Surveying practice we provide impartial expert advice on all stages of the residential development process. Founded in response to the lack of truly impartial specialist knowledge for Housing Associations, we are not affiliated with, nor do we provide any estate agency services. Our services to you are therefore completely unbiased.

The close working relationship that we have with our Housing Association clients together with the wide variety of different types of Housing Associations that we act for, gives us real understanding of how the sector operates, the ongoing challenges faced by our Housing Association clients and how to meet their needs.

We provide high quality, bespoke, robust Red Book valuations for your new build stock and land acquired for Affordable Housing using our experienced network of trusted industry professionals for in-depth knowledge and accurate comparable data.

Another unique aspect of our service is that all valuations are undertaken solely by qualified RICS Registered Valuers. Whether it’s outright sale, Shared Ownership or market rent – we will inject insight and commerciality throughout the process.

Please contact us if there is any aspect of our Housing Association Advisory Service that you’d like to discuss.

⦁ Red Book valuations
⦁ Market Values
⦁ Affordable Rent
⦁ Shared Ownership
⦁ Intermediate Rent
⦁ Insurance Reinstatement Costs
⦁ January 1999 Values
⦁ Staircasing
⦁ Supported and Specialist Housing – Hostels and Care Homes
⦁ Pre completion New Build Sales and Rent Values


Case Study: Affordable Housing Valuation – Greenwich Peninsula

Working fast and flexibly to meet your needs: In a recent project we were asked by a Housing Association to prepare a valuation for 49 residential units, including a section 106 site, forming part of a large residential scheme. We agreed to produce the valuation report within 72 hours so that it could be presented at a board meeting to agree sign off and exchange contracts with the developer – a very tight deadline!

We were given details of the number of housing units and types, their tenure and the location. The units were to be a mix of affordable rent and Shared Ownership units; our instructions were to provide an assessment of the Market Values and Market Rents to assist in calculating the right discounted sale and rental values to use in disposing of the units. Having discussed their requirements with our client, we produced:

⦁ Current Market Value & Market Rent for each unit
⦁ January 1999 Rental Values for Social Rented units
⦁ Current Site value for the affordable tenure site element

In each case, we valued every unit on the assumption that they had been fully and properly completed in accordance with all planning and regulatory requirements.

Once the valuation basis was agreed, we carried out an inspection of the site and location, paying particular attention to the local and wider market dynamics. Although the site had not been built on, it was important to have a feel for the general area and have regard to the pros and cons of living in this location in order to calculate the appropriate values.

After the inspection, we researched comparable transactions of new development sales and rents and the provided our valuations to our client well in time for their board meeting!

Our quick turn around and detailed market knowledge meant that we could give our client an accurate valuation, with the result that it could make the major financial decision to acquire the properties with complete confidence.

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